Carrot RX HIPAA Policy

Last Updated: October 12, 2020

Welcome to Schraft’s 2.0!

We are grateful for the opportunity to assist you with all your pharmacy needs.

Our mission at Schraft’s 2.0 is to be a specialty pharmacy offering superior patient care and specialty medications in a cost-effective manner with the ultimate objective to secure the best possible outcome for patients.

The staff at Schraft’s 2.0 understands that your medical and medication needs are unique and require special knowledge to effectively collaborate with your medical provider and insurance company. We are dedicated to providing you the personal service necessary to ensure that you achieve the maximum benefit. Schraft’s 2.0 offers all patients:

  • Our “Patient Management Program” including managing side effects, helping you understand your medications and what they are used for, and overall supports you through the process every step of the way.
  • Training, education and counseling.
  • Refill reminders, when necessary.
  • Delivery of your medication in a timely manner.
  • Access to clinically-trained personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays and weekends).
  • Coordination of prior authorization with your insurance company.

Schraft’s 2.0 is located at:

3 Wing Dr, Suite 102
3 Wing Dr, Suite 102
Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

Our business hours are:

Monday-Friday: 8am to 8pm Eastern*
Saturday: 9am to 3pm Eastern*
Sunday: Closed

Phone: 855-SCHRAFT (855-724-7238)

After Hours Phone: 862-217-3598

Fax: 844-876-4545

Email: [email protected]

*Closed on all major holidays, including New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

We look forward to providing you with the best service possible. We know you have many options and we thank you for choosing Schraft’s 2.0.

The Schraft’s 2.0 Team

What to expect:

We recognize that your medical needs are unique and complex and possibly overwhelming. We are an independently owned pharmacy and are here for you. At Schraft’s 2.0, our staff is dedicated to working with you, your doctor(s) and nurse(s), as well as your family to achieve a fully integrated health care team. Our primary goal is to provide you quality care.

You can expect:

  • Personalized patient care

    Our trained staff members will work with you to discuss your treatment plan and we will address any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Collaboration with your doctor

    We work directly with your medical team to ensure any difficulties you may have with your treatment are addressed efficiently.

  • Regular follow-up

    Getting your medications and medical supplies quickly and efficiently is important. We will be in close contact with you during your treatment and will be your healthcare advocate.

  • Benefits

    Treatment can be costly. We will help you navigate through the complexities of the healthcare system to explore every option available to you. Our relationships with insurers will help provide you with information and explanations of your prescription and medical insurance benefits. If our pharmacy is out of network with your benefit, we will notify you via phone, secure text, and/or email. We will provide you with information of the pharmacies that are in network. We will transfer the prescription(s) to your in-network pharmacy when needed.

  • Delivery

    We offer fast and convenient delivery to your home, workplace, or the location you prefer throughout all the Unites States of America. A staff member will contact you the same day we receive your order to coordinate the medications you need, update your medical and insurance records, and to set up and confirm a delivery date and address.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our Pharmacy staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always here to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

  • Double-Check

    Upon receipt of your package, please open it immediately and double-check that your order is complete. If you have any questions, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt of your package at (855) 724-7238. We are unable to address any issues regarding the contents of your package if it is brought to our attention more than 24 hours after receipt.

  • Returns

    In accordance with both Federal and State regulations, Schraft’s 2.0 cannot accept returns on medications once they have been dispensed. If an order is canceled prior to you receiving your package credit will be issued less a restocking fee. If you have any questions, please call us at (855) 724-7238.

When to contact us at (855) 724-7238:

  • If you have any questions or concerns about your medication.
  • To check the status of your prescription order.
  • To ask any question about your medications.
  • When you suspect a reaction or allergy to your medication.
  • A change has occurred in your medication use.
  • Your contact information or delivery address has changed.
  • Your insurance information or payment source has changed.
  • You need to check the status of your delivery.
  • You need to reschedule or change your delivery.
  • You have any questions or concerns about our specialty pharmacy service.

Payment Policy

Before your care begins, a staff member will inform you of your financial obligations that are not covered by your insurance or other third-party sources. These obligations include but are not limited to: out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, annual out of pocket limits, and life time out of pocket limits. We will also provide this information if there is a change in your insurance plan.

Insurance Claims

Schraft’s 2.0 will submit claims to your pharmacy insurance carrier on the date your prescription is filled. If the claim is rejected, a staff member will notify you, as necessary, so that we can work together to resolve the issue.


You may be required to pay a part of your medication cost, called a copayment. If you have a co-payment, it must be paid at the time of shipping or pick-up. We accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®. We can maintain your credit card information on file in a secure environment.

Cash Pricing and Financial Assistance

We will provide cash prices if your benefit does not cover the medications ordered for you. Upon your request, we can provide a price quote via phone, secure text and/or secure email. We have access to financial assistance programs for some medications to help with high co-payments, out-of-pocket costs and cash costs. These programs include discount coupons, programs from drug manufacturers, and assistance from various disease management foundations. We will assist you in enrollment into such programs.

How to Place an Order

To place a new order, after your doctor has submitted your prescription, please call us at (855) 724-7238 with the following information: Which medications ordered by your doctor you would like to receive, your insurance information, a shipping address for us to deliver to, and payment information. Please contact us as early as possible so we can ensure you will receive your medications on time.


Schraft’s 2.0 recognizes that patients have inherent rights. Patients who feel their rights have not been respected, or who have questions or concerns, should talk to the pharmacist on duty.

Patients and their families also have responsibilities while under the care of Schraft’s 2.0 in order to facilitate the provision of safe, high-quality health care for themselves and others. The following patient rights and responsibilities shall be provided to, and expected from, patients or legally authorized individuals.

To ensure the finest care possible, as a patient receiving our pharmacy services, you should understand your role, rights and responsibilities involved in your own plan of care.

As our patient, you have the right:

  • To be fully informed in advance about care/service to be provided, including the disciplines that furnish care and the frequency of visits, as well as any modifications to the plan of care
  • To be informed, in advance both orally and in writing, of care being provided, of the charges, including payment for care/service expected from third parties and any charges for which the patient will be responsible
  • To receive information about the scope of services that the organization will provide and specific limitations on those services
  • To participate in the development and periodic revision of the plan of care
  • To refuse care or treatment after the consequences of refusing care or treatment are fully presented
  • To be informed of the right under state law to formulate an Advanced Directive, if applicable
  • To have one's property and person treated with respect, consideration, and recognition of patient dignity and individuality
  • To be able to identify visiting personnel members through proper identification
  • To be free from mistreatment, neglect, or verbal, mental, sexual, and physical abuse, including injuries of unknown source, and misappropriation of patient property
  • To voice grievances/complaints regarding treatment or care or lack of respect of property, or recommend changes in policy, personnel, or care/service without restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal
  • To have grievances/complaints regarding treatment or care that is [or fails to be] furnished, or lack of respect of property investigated
  • To confidentiality and privacy of all information contained in the patient record and of Protected Health Information [PHI]
  • To be advised on the agency's policies and procedures regarding the disclosure of clinical records
  • To choose a healthcare provider, including an attending physician, if applicable
  • To choose pharmacy services provider
  • To receive appropriate care without discrimination in accordance with physician’s orders, if applicable
  • To be informed of any financial benefits when referred to an organization
  • To be fully informed of one's responsibilities
  • To have personal health information shared with the patient management program only in accordance with state and federal law
  • To identify the program's staff members, including their job title, and to speak with a staff member's supervisor if requested
  • To speak to a health professional
  • To receive information about the patient management program
  • To decline participation, or disenroll, at any point in time

Patients have the responsibility:

  • To give accurate clinical/medical and contact information and to notify the patient management program of changes in this information
  • To notify the treating prescriber of their participation in the services provided by the pharmacy, such as the patient management program
  • To submit forms that are necessary to receive services
  • To maintain any equipment provided
  • To notify the organization of any concerns about the care or services provided


  • Patient Management Program

    • As a patient of our specialty pharmacy program, we monitor your medications and progress through a disease/condition specific patient management program. This program is designed to provide benefits such as managing side effects, understanding your medications and overall helping you through the process every step of the way with the plan designed by you, your doctor, your nurse, and pharmacist. This service is provided to you at no cost, and your participation is voluntary. When participating in the program, please be sure to follow the prescriber’s and the pharmacist’s directions for the best outcomes. If you no longer wish to participate in our Patient Management Program, you may contact our team by phone to opt-out.
  • Refills

    • If you would like to contact us for a refill, you can call us at (855) 724-7238 and speak to a patient care coordinator, nurse, or pharmacist to process your refill requests. Please know which medications you need to refill, and have your payment and shipping information too. If your insurance information has changed, please notify us when you call. If we become aware that you require a refill before you, we will contact you the same day to set up your order and shipment.
  • Prescription Transfers

    • If you feel that our pharmacy is unable to meet your needs, we can transfer your prescription to the appropriate pharmacy of your choice. Please call us at (855) 724-7238.
    • If our pharmacy can no longer service your medication (insurance reasons, or the medication is out of stock), a pharmacist will transfer your prescription to another pharmacy. We will inform you of this transfer of care.
  • Delivery and Storage of your Medication

    • We deliver medication to your home or an alternative location. We will also include appropriate supplies as need or as requested. We coordinate all refills to make sure that you, or an adult family member, is available to receive the shipment.
    • If your medication requires refrigeration, we will ship it in special packaging that will maintain the appropriate temperature throughout the shipping process. Once you receive the package, please take the medication out of the box and place it in the refrigerator.
    • If the package looks damaged or is not in the correct temperature range, please call us as soon as possible.
  • Adverse Drug Reactions

    • If you are experiencing adverse effects to the medication, please contact your doctor or our pharmacy at (855) 724-7238 as soon as possible.
  • Drug Substitution Protocols

    • From time to time it is necessary to substitute generic drugs for brand name drugs. This could occur due to your insurance company preferring the generic be dispensed or to reduce your copay. If a substitution needs to be made, a team member will contact you prior to shipping the medication to inform you of the substitution.
  • Proper Disposal of Sharps

    • Place all needles, syringes, and other sharp objects into a sharps container. This will be included in your order if you are prescribed an injectable medication at a small fee. You can then call us to receive information on your local disposal sites, or to request a return label to ship it back to us.
  • Proper Disposal of Unused Medications:

  • Drug Recalls

    • If your medication is recalled, the pharmacy will contact you with further instructions, as directed by the FDA or drug manufacturer. If you have any questions about a medication recall, please contact us right away at (855) 724-7238.
  • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plan

    • Schraft’s 2.0 has a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan in case of an emergency or disaster. Our primary goal is to continue to service your needs. Schraft’s 2.0 will utilize every resource available to maintain service level.
    • We will contact you prior to any pending inclement weather and arrange delivery to you from our pharmacy or from another pharmacy we partner with, if we cannot deliver from our facility.
    • In case of an emergency where we cannot arrange for delivery ahead of time, we will work with you to find the closest place for you to obtain your medications.
    • In the event of a disaster or an emergency in your area, please contact us. This will ensure your therapy is not interrupted.
    • In the event our facility is closed in an emergency, our phone system will roll over to our emergency line and you will still be able to reach a member of our team, including a pharmacist or a nurse.
  • Concerns or Suspected Errors

    • We want you to be completely satisfied with the care we provide. If you have any issues with your medication, the services rendered, or any other issues related to your order, please contact us directly at (855) 724-7238 and speak to one of our staff members, or fax (844) 876-4545 or email us ([email protected]). We will address your concern within 1 business day.
    • You may also voice your concerns to any of our accrediting bodies:

  • Cleaning your hands

    • It is important that you clean your hands prior to starting your injection preparations and injecting.
    • Cleaning with soap and water:

      • Wet your hands and wrists with warm water.
      • Use soap. Work up a good lather, and rub hard for 15 seconds or longer.
      • Rinse and dry your hands well.
      • Use a clean paper towel to turn off the water. Throw the paper towel away.
    • Cleaning with hand sanitizer:

      • For gel product use one application.
      • For foam product use a golf-ball size amount.
      • Apply product to the palm of your hand.
      • Rub your hands together. Cover all surfaces of your hands and fingers until they are dry.
  • Home Safety Information

    • If children are in the home, store medications out of their reach.
    • When taking or giving medication, read the directions on the labels carefully.
    • Do not share your medications with other people.
    • Do not reuse syringes or needles.
    • Discard all sharps in a sharps container.


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Please sign and return this form at your earliest convenience via fax or email:

Fax: 844-876-4545

Email: [email protected]

I confirm that I have received Schraft’s 2.0 Welcome packet, which includes Hours of Operation, Contact Information, Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, Financial Obligation, Complaint Process, and Return Policy.


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Date: May 18, 2021

Thank you for choosing Schraft’s 2.0 to service all your specialty pharmacy needs.

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